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24/7/365 Access. NO Class Times!
Whatever fits your schedule is when we're open.

Open 24/7/365

$35 per month

Just Show Up!

9 workout stations in a circuit.
3 minutes per station; 30 seconds between stations.
Workouts change every day.
We plan your workout for maximum benefit.

Open 24/7/365

$35 per month

30 Minutes... Done!

Rounds start every 3 minutes.
Jump in Station 1 on the next bell to get started.
Cardio, Strength, Core.
Full body workout in 30 minutes... Done.

Open 24/7/365

$35 per month

What We Offer

Check out our benefits, and give us a try.
You'll quickly see why we're becoming the leader in improving your fitness level.

Weight Loss

You'll get a 30 minute workout that can burn about 500 calories during each session.
Just show up - the circuit is ready and waiting for you!

24 Hour Access

Come in whenever you want, as often as you want. Always open.
A new round starts every 3 minutes - NO class times - ready when you are.

Pre-planned Exercises

No more guessing - we've researched the exercises for you. Every station is detailed with simple movements to give you a full-body workout!

Performance Measurement

With a compatible heart rate monitor, you'll get real-time feedback on your intensity level. Scientifically track your progress for maximum benefits!

Neighborhood Convenience

A routine exercise plan needs to be convenient.
Each location is small and targets a specific community for maximum accessibility.


Current research shows that a high-intensity, circuit-based workout can reduce the natural effects of aging.
Look younger and feel younger!

30 Minute Workout

How We Operate

You’ll use your issued keycard for 24-hour access. Each facility is locked, well-lit, and equipped with numerous security cameras.

Once inside, you’ll see a series of nine different stations in a horseshoe layout that makes up the full workout circuit. Each station has a computer screen that describes the 3 minute workout for that station, a video demonstrating the workout, and a countdown timer showing the remaining station time.
Only one member is in a station at a time.

Each of the 3-minute periods is followed by a 30 second exercise that all members participate in. These change throughout the circuit, and include common body-weight exercises such as mountain climbers, jumping jacks and lunges. The 30 second exercises are also demonstrated with a video screen. After the 30 second exercise completes, you’ll move to the next station.

The workout circuit is coordinated by both a bell and on-screen prompts that move all members to the next station or to the 30 second exercise.

Everyone works out at their own intensity levels. Beginners start off a little slower as their body acclimates to the new level of exercise. More experienced members push their intensity to gain maximum benefit from the 30 minute circuit. All station exercises are specifically chosen to accommodate all fitness levels – you control your own intensity.

No heavy weights or complicated equipment is used. Light dumbbells and medicine balls are occasionally used, and several punching/kicking bags are included in some of the stations. The workouts are safe and are always fresh and fun due to the daily circuit workout changes.

And leave your earbuds at home. Our in-house stereo system plays a non-stop, hand-picked selection of high-energy tunes to pump up your motivation. You’ll work up a sweat and complete your workout before you know it.

This is the NEW YOU!!
Let's do it again tomorrow!!

Sample Exercises

These shots show a few examples of our exercises
Just remember - our station workouts change every day. So - love it or hate it - tomorrow it's going to be different!

Station 3

Crunch and Punch

Station 7

Toss the Battle Ropes

Station 5

Jab/Cross on Heavy Bag

Station 9

Work the core with T-Ups

Station 4

Pound the heavy bag

Station 1

Cardio time - Jump Rope and Squats


Rehydrate and Rejoice - DONE!

Project Name

Some description..


Our pricing is simple and all-inclusive.
There are no initiation fees - just a simple monthly payment by credit card.

  • $35 per month
    30 Minute Workout
  • 12 Month Sign-up
  • 24/7/365 Access
  • Unlimited Workouts
  • 30 Minute Circuit
  • NO Class Times
  • Workouts Change Daily
  • Optional Performance Tracking

We love our customers

Read over what some of our customers are saying about 30 Minute Workout.

It’s amazing how this intense workout actually gives you more energy throughout the day - I feel 10 years younger. I love that each workout is different, the stations are fun, and everyone motivates each other in different ways.
Leslie Bond
The decision to train at 30 Minute Workout was the best contribution to my health and fitness I could have made. I needed change & didn't know how to do it on my own. Having everything laid out for me has brought real results, and I love the mix of workouts. Even my confidence has greatly improved, and I feel great. I am very happy & grateful for my changes.
Janet McKimmons
I've been going to the gym for years, and always worked out alone or with a friend but have never really gotten the results I wanted. But the first session I had here had me hooked. I was completely exhausted (but in that good way where you know you're getting more fit)! I'm far from my fitness goal, but I am seeing progress and am confident that someday my outside appearance can reflect the determined person I am inside.
Will Stephenson

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